Get an Instant Email Notification for Every Ethereum Transaction You Care About.

Blockbutler monitors all transactions on any Ethereum wallet address and sends you instant email notifications.

Blockbutler serves you instant notifications to keep you in the loop.

Watchlists and other monitoring tools don’t notify you about every transaction you need to know about. Blockbutler does.

Your humble servant keeps you up to date on all incoming/outgoing transactions, such as:

  • Dividend payouts

  • ICO token deposits

  • Airdrops

  • Customer payments

  • Delayed token transfers

  • Spam coins

And any other type of transaction you might want to monitor

Monitor smart contracts and token transfers

Other monitoring tools only notify you about normal transactions. Blockbutler notifies you about internal transactions and token transfers too.

Get started in 30 seconds

All you need to get started is your email and an Ethereum address to monitor. Then let Blockbutler do the rest. You can monitor as many addresses as you need.

Need help getting started?

E-mail and we’ll be happy to help you. We’ll reply to your email quickly.